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Theresa Salomon
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Theresa Salomon received her musical education in her native Germany, the Netherlands and in Austria. Her teachers have included Philip Hirshorn, Wolfram Konig and Todd Philips. She played her solo debut concert in New York at Weill Recital Hall presented by Artists International.

Since 1991 she has been a member of the Goldberg Ensemble of Vienna and has toured with the string quartet of the Ensemble in Austria, Germany, France and Italy. She was awarded the Lion's Club "Forderung junger Kunstler" Award and played in the Lion's Club Young Artists Concerts in Weisbaden, Germany. She has performed as a soloist with the Jupiter Symphony, the Metamorphoses Orchestra in New York, the Orchestra of the Chambermusic Society in Vienna and the Wiesbaden Orchestra in Germany.

Ms. Salomon has appeared in many European festivals including the Gulbenkian Festival in Portugal, the Festival Presence in Paris, the Prague Spring Festival and the Takemitsu Memorial Festival. As a performer of contemporary chamber music she has worked with many ensembles including the STX Ensemble Xenakis in the USA, the SEM Ensemble and the Orchestra of SEM Ensemble. She has recorded for Vandenburg and Tzadik Labels.

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