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The Composers
Selected Works of Faye-Ellen Silverman
(published by Seesaw Music Inc.)

(1981) 6:45
Premiere: 10/29/80 by James Ostryniec; Tirol, Austria

Winds and Sines
Full orchestra
(1982) 9:45
Premiere: 9/30/82 by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, Raymond Harvey (conductor); Terre Haute, Indiana

Electronic valve instrument, oboe/English horn, piano (4 hands)
(1983) 11:33
Premiere: 6/9/1983 by 4 For Now at the International Festival of Experimental Music; Bourges, France

Passing Fancies
Piccolo/flute, oboe, clarinet/bass clarinet, bn, horn, trumpet, trombone, percussion, 2 violins, viola, vc, cb
(1986) 16:00
Premiere: 2/17/86 by the Monday Evening Concerts Ensemble, Robert Ziegler (conductor); at the Fromm Music Foundation, Los Angeles (commission)

(1987) 12:00
Premiere: 5/2/87 by the Greater Lansing Symphony (commission), Gustav Meier (conductor); Lansing, Michigan

Mezzo soprano, cl and piano
(1995) 11:00
Premeire: 4/11/95 by Lauren Lipson, Laura Flax and Jon Klibonoff at the Sylvia and Danny Kaye Playhouse (commission), New York. Minerva World Premiere Concert

At the Colour Cafe
Brass choir
(1997) 10:00
Premeire: 6/29/97 by Monarch Brass, Velvet Brown (conductor); St. Louis, Missouri, Second International Women's Brass Conference

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