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Dance Cedric Neugebauer has been presenting new modern choreography since 1996, with annual seasons in New York City at the Construction Company. In addition to numerous performances in the Northeast U.S., the company has also presented work in Japan, Belgium and France. The New York Times calls the artistic director "a quietly luminous dancer" (2001) whose work is "a playful maze...of controlled but airy patterns in space." (2000) The choreography has its origins in abstraction, yet it's neoclassical architecture also provides a framework for narrative and dramatic subtext, often with reference to myth and epic poetry.

Dance Cedric Neugebauer's work bridges diverse elements. Theater, dance, abstraction and classicism are all integrated in the choreographer's ongoing vision, and the pieces have varied widely from symbol and story driven solos that incorporate props and theatrical elements, to abstract group works based upon the rules of movement, shape and form as they apply to the human body as a dance instrument.

The enigmatic choreography presents the viewer with a world where the expression of dance as an art form is the primary concern. Rich with vivid images and athletic physicality, the work of Dance Cedric Neugebauer challenges the mind and captivates the eye with its modern, evolving and eclectic aesthetic.
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