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Elke Rindfleisch

“the dances move…like a train of unforced thought”
The New Yorker (2001)

Rindfleisch strives to create performances which further the understanding of movement as communication—by researching its origins, its effects and its emotional worth—leaving the audience with a deeper understanding of the connectedness between motion and emotion.

“Does movement release emotion or does emotion determine movement? I am interested in how a collection of movements can suggest narrative, not through literalness, but through intent, how the performers can manipulate that intent, and how that intent can be perceived by an audience.”
— Elke Rindfleisch

Rindfleisch was founded in 1999 with a season at Joyce SoHo. The company performed at The Construction Company in 2000 and in 2001 again at Joyce SoHo. In May 2004, the evening-length work Enamoured premiered at Danspace Project/St. Mark’s Church and was nominated for the TimeOut/New York Dance Audience Award. In June 2005, the company presented Overhead, a full-length production at Wallabout Studio in Brooklyn. The piece was inspired by, and partly performed on the rooftops of the industrial buildings that surround the studio. Due to audience demand and critical acclaim, Overhead was brought back for a second run in September. Rindfleisch has also performed at the Movement Research at Judson Church series, Dancenow Downtown Festival, One Arm Red, and Dixon Place, among others. International appearances include the Dance Festival Rotterdam, Netherlands (1993), the Toronto Fringe Festival (2000) and the Dance/Music Under Construction tour of Belgium (1998).

“In 2001 I hit a wall with the language of my ‘classical’ background—Cunningham, ballet, Graham—and how it shaped my way of moving. I sought out techniques like Release, Klein/Mahler, and Kinetic Awareness, and explored different improvisation styles. My current style is an amalgamation of all of these, which makes a larger and freer vocabulary of movement possible. It enables me to more distinctly express my artistic vision, and offers the dancers clear choices in their way of moving by considering origin, intent, direction and dynamic.”
— Elke Rindfleisch

Rindfleisch’s classes are structured to access greater movement potential and to increase spatial awareness, based on a combination of classical/modern vocabulary with impetus from release and improvisation techniques. The intent is to expand the body from the inside out, through focusing on breathing, oppositional stretching and specific exploration of the ‘fields’ around you: front, back, left, right, above, and below. Composition/improvisation and repertoire workshops are also available.

“Your spine moves inside your body, inside your ribcage, like your body moves through space.”
— Elke Rindfleisch

“subdued, and handsome…palpable texture”
The Village Voice (2004)

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Elke Rindfleisch, Artistic Director/Choreographer
Phone: (1-917) 251-4561

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