Association of Performing Arts Presenters 2007 Conference
Construction Company Theater/Dance Associates, Inc.
10 East 18th Street, 3rd floor
New York, New York

2007 APAP Conference Information Booth
Representing dance companies and music ensembles
Americas Hall I Booth 521

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Dance Gallery Showcase featuring 9 innovative dance companies
City Center Studio 5, 130 West 56th Street, Between 6th and 7th Avenues

Sunday, January 21 and Monday, January 22
Doors open at 9:00 am

Reservations and information:
or (212) 924-7882
9:20 am Ariane Anthony & Company
9:30 Artichoke Dance Company
9:40 Carolyn Lord and Dancers
9:50 Mei-be Whatever
10:00 SHUA Group
10:10 Christopher Caines Dance Company
10:20 Dance Cedric Neugebauer
10:30 racoco productions
10:40 Andrea Haenggi/AMDaT (Jan. 21 only)

Coffee, tea, and homemade muffins will be served.


Andrea Haenggi/AMDaT — Movement at the edge: a synthesis of art and space to become more than a mirror of life
Contact: Andrea Haenggi, (718) 218-8236,
*Sunday only

Artichoke Dance Company — Daring risky partnering with passion-filled moving. Contact: Lynn Neuman, (917) 627-8770,

Carolyn Lord and Dancers — Energetic dance with imaginative gesture
Contact: Carolyn Lord, (212) 924-7882

Ariane Anthony & Company — Fantastic and emotionally resonant dance theater
Contact: Ariane Anthony, (718) 349-0008,

Dance Cedric Neugebauer — Luminous, iconoclastic post-modern dance
Contact: Cedric Neugebauer, (917) 693-3785

Christopher Caines Dance Company — Lush taut dramatic; passionately devoted to music
Contact: Christopher Caines, (718) 554-1948,

Mei Yin Ng/MEI-BE Whatever — Seductively shocking! an intoxicating and poetic voyage of the corporeal.
Contact: Mei-Yin Ng, (917) 355-2083,

Racoco Productions — Visual, visceral excavations of everyday acts
Contact: Rachel Cohen, (718) 381-4074,

Elke Rindfleisch/Rindfleisch — A lush, unfiltered physicality—immediate, and immersed in raw grace and raw abandon.
Contact: Judith Smith, (718) 928-5878 or ,
*representation at booth only; open rehearsals available

SHUA Group — Interactive, real-time performance, in theatrical and site-specific venues
Contact: Joshua Bisset, (201) 433-9622,

Music Showcase

The Construction Company  10 East 18th Street, 3rd floor
Between 6th Avenue and Broadway

Sunday, January 21

Doors open at 3:30 pm

Reservations and information:
or (212) 924-7882

4:00 pm      Construction Company Chamber Enemble
4:20            Marc Peloquin, piano
4:30            Split Second Piano Ensemble

The Ensembles

Construction Company Chamber Ensemble — “unmatched artistry and a vivid enthusiasm for the music …crystal-clear intonation, rhythmic precision…beautiful singing tone…” — Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
Contact: Carolyn Lord, +1 (1) 212-924-7882, 

Marc Peloquin, piano David Del Tredici in celebration of the composer’s 70th birthday, including a new piece written for Marc Peloquin.  “…technically polished and superbly expressive…”— Allan Kozinn, the New York Times

Split Second Piano Ensemble Roberto Hidalgo and Marc Peloquin, pianos. Offering programs for over a decade including concerts in Mexico, the U.S., and abroad, exploring the wide range of ensemble music.
Contact for Marc Peloquin and Split Second Piano Ensemble:
Marc Peloquin, +1 (1) 212-580-2408

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