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Natalie Giugni
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Prince of Swords

oil on linen
30" x 28"

The art of Natalie Giugni embodies a deep concern for process. The development of the surface of the work reflects her unique approach to abstraction. Drawings of images are layered. At times the canvas is turned and the direction of the shapes are altered. This acts as the catalyst to begin the process by which she paints. Dynamic instances arise between the layers as combinations of color, shape, and texture prompt her thought and reaction. She is careful to balance her role as "creator" and "facilitator" as forms emerge from within the layers. In this manner, by taking contours from the outer world and abstracting them, Giugni is able to study the forms that arise from the inner, psychological world.

In the works from this series entitled "Prince of Swords", the Artist explores the struggle to balance the intellect with the workings of the heart. The Prince of Swords in the tarot deck is the symbol given to a rapid force capable of destruction. Though it tends to be remorseless, it is also a card of great allure. Paralleling the painter's process is this idea of an outer force being checked and justified by an inner energy. The Prince of Swords can be equated to aggressive energies stemming from man's expansion upon the natural world. Seeking to balance this rampant force and erect protective boundaries are the strengths, which arise from within, such as intuition and courage. These states of being are captured in these works, which include paintings entitled "Messenger", "Faith", and "Angels and Devils".

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