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Natalie Giugni
Natalie Giugni is a fine artist working and living in New York City. She is a graduate of Manhattan's School of Visual Arts where she attended on a full four-year scholarship. She has traveled extensively, and has drawn inspiration for her work from her experiences in Italy, Venezuela, Brazil, and Japan.

She finds challenge in both design work and fine art. Her participation in a yearlong gilding project in the Russian Consulate, NYC, restoring the original moldings in 23K gold, influenced her to explore the use of metals in her paintings.

One of Natalie's strengths is great diversity in her work. Contrasted to the delicate precision required when working with gold leaf, is the boldness and humor exhibited in a project she completed for the Children's Aid benefit at Lincoln Center, for which she was contracted to produce a twelve foot replica of Judy Garland's ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz.

A common thread through all mediums of her art is a concern with process. The development of the surface of the work must depict the flow of events and the entire course of the piece, permitting the spectator to experience the work on many levels. Ms. Giugni's work takes the viewer from the beginning, through the end image.

"I play with process.
I never have a prefabricated idea.
I start with emotion on canvas, maybe,
then I might flip the canvas
and find a shape in-between
or take the shape from the room.
I know when a painting is done
and it has to surprise me.
I wreck that which looks nice,
like...I've been there before.
Then the difficulty grows in bringing shape back permanently."

"Bring back?
Isn't the wreck sometimes
interesting in its own?"

"Yes. I may allow
that as well...
I have done so."



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