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Leigh Walker
A Born of West Indian immigrants and raised in Park Slope, Brooklyn, in 1947, Leigh Walker currently resides upstate in West Hurley, New York. While visiting with a pre-school teacher friend, Leigh picked up a piece of sculpey clay, which is a plastic based polymer molding clay that can be baked in a regular oven and fired at 275 degrees. She made a seated female figure with a little dog companion. She took it home and after showing it to another friend, she was given a box of assorted colors to "fool around with."

Since then many little people have come into being. "My characters come from many sources," Leigh explains. "sometimes it is a figure from a dream or an idea from a childhood photograph, sometimes it1s a street scene as was the case with The Church Ladies. I was in Harlem, New York, one Sunday and there they were, standing outside a very well known Baptist church."

Leigh's work is whimsical yet at the same time tender and very true to life. Her previous work has been in terra cotta and stoneware clay, pastel, acrylics and collage. Her last showing was in early 1999 at a juried competition at the North Westchester Center for The Arts in Mount Kisco, New York.
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