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Jonathan Hincapie
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Jonathan Hincapie has entranced and converted many new art enthusiasts. Utilizing at times a mixture of found objects with no obvious relationships to each other, he has fused together his assemblages into a witty and functional reuse of society's trash. His sculpture is made from the discarded parts of electrical motors, broken watches, tangled masses of wires and dials, bottles and tires. Hincapie creates entertaining, unexpected creations of miniature biting centipedes, realistic-looking funeral preparation kits, and oversized working lighting fixtures.

Hincapie's work has been exhibited at a number of events and unconventional installations. In 1995, Jonathan launched his first one-man show at Cafe 1969 Lounge in New York. Shortly thereafter, he exhibited at Cream Nightclub, in Manhattan. Jonathan also has participated in exhibits at the Fashion Institute of Technology Museum, where he received praise for his most controversial work called Funeral Kit. This young Colombian-born artist is one to watch for. He has an uncommon and somewhat wacky innovative artistic sensibility that is welcomed.
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