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Francis Timothy Walsh

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In the Studio

I received an MFA degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1972. In Philadelphia, I was known as a lyrical abstractionist, exhibiting in private and public galleries while I resided there. In the Eighties, after moving to the West Coast, I emphasized remembered landscapes in my oils and watercolors of the period. I exhibited easel paintings in one-person shows in California and Arizona (where several pieces are in private collections), and in 1985 I was commissioned to paint a mural on a transnational theme by the Instituto Cultural Mexicano-Norteamericano de Jalisco, in Guadalajara, Mexico. In 1989, I was asked to create a mural at a camp for Southeast Asian refugees in Bataan, the Philippines. Ive also been a visiting artist in schools in Mexico and California.

I returned to my native New York in 1991. Since then, Ive focused on making non-objective acrylic and watercolor paintings on paper, in a personal scale. I am always tempted to return to the landscape for enlightenment and guidance, so my current work incorporates color and spatial harmonies that Ive encountered in my travels and residences in Asia, Ireland, and Latin America. The pieces combine bold, expressive brush work with impressionistic fields of intense color. Im a writer of haiku and other short poetic forms, and I understand my current paintings to be wordless poems.
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