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Arzu Titus
Arzu Titus image
Arzu Titus, an internationally-known fabric artist, brings to her quilts a radically modern sensibility imbued with personal symbolism. Her work was commissioned by the Smithsonian Institute, Washington D.C., for its traveling exhibition, Women of Taste

Titus' work has been exhibited at the American Craft Museum and the Folk Art Museum in New York and the African American Museums in Florida, Texas, and Chicago. Her work is on permanent display at the Parliament of Bermuda and at the corporate offices of Booz, Allen and Hamilton.

Titus' work is featured in the books Spirits of the Cloth, Contemporary African American Quilts by Carolyn Mazloomi and Women of Taste by the Smithsonian Institute.

Titus states, The prevalent theme in all my quilts is women discovering dignity in their lives as they undergo the experiences of seeking, loving, losing, and winning. In many ways, my quilts reflect my own spiritual path and evolution as a woman. My style is a collaborative work between my creative energy and the inherent will of the fabric. The results are pieces that emit life beyond the ability of fabric to do so alone.

Titus' work includes figurative imagery and objects transformed into symbols, often with spiritual references. Her creations are characterized by intricate found patterns, elaborate quilting, and exotic fabrics that are richly textured and vibrantly colored. Her quilts include techniques of appliqué, reverse appliqué, beadwork, painting, and machine and hand quilting.

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