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Christopher Caines
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Born in Nova Scotia, Christopher Caines studied with Claire Mallardi, Hanya Holm, Mary Anthony, Nenette Charisse, and at the Cunningham studio. In recent years he has studied with Misha Masud (tabla), Randy Crafton (frame drum), and Amit Chatterjee (North Indian classical singing.) He currently studies ballet with Carolyn Lord and Zvi Gottheiner, and voice with Jeannette Lovetri.

Since 1990, Mr. Caines' work has been presented by several downtown venues in New York City, as well as in Boston and Canada. He has received grants from Meet the Composer, Russell Sage College, The Field, and the Astral Foundation. From 1986 to 1993 he danced with more than 20 choreographers including Douglas Dunn, Robert Kovich, Rika Burnham, Sin-cha Hong, Kei Takei, and Ellen Cornfield. He has also worked as a singer most recently with Dina Emerson, and as an actor most recently with directors Ping Chong and Will Pomerantz.

Christopher Caines' recent works include two evening-length solos, Three Men Drowning (1995) and dream.scream (1995-98), an audio installation for the Atlanta Olympics that was later adapted for the DanceBlitz Festival in New York City; and three full-length dance-music-theater works using his own music: A Thousand Candles (1996), True Love (1998) and No March Home. His most recent work is ARIAS, for a large ensemble of singers and dancers, presented by The Construction Company in the spring of 2000.
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