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Beth Leonard
Beth Leonard, originally from Chicago, began performing there as an actress and mime in The Dream Theater, an improvisational ensemble. In New York since 1980, she has presented her choreography at numerous downtown spaces including The Construction Company, Dancspace at St. Marks, DTW, "Working in the Kitchen," and the JoyceSoho. She has also performed as a dancer with other choreographers in New York including Carolyn Lord, Bryan Hayes, Sally Bowden, Judy Moss, Bill T. Jones, and Elise Long.

Cunningham-trained, Ms. Leonard is known for her poignant humor and vaudevillian sense of theater in works including The Egg Cycle pieces, Un Baile de Frida (on painter Frida Kahlo), and Full House, a trio for a madwoman, her husband, and a tuba. She is currently completing her BA in Dance/Performance at SUNY's Empire State College.
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