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Art Under Construction gallery hours are 1-6 Saturdays and by appointment: 212-924-7882.

About Art Under Construction:

Art Under Construction began presenting exhibits in 1998 in its gallery located adjacent to the theater space. Directed by Lauren Farber, the gallery mounts several group shows and solo exhibits each year, and attracts audiences from the many dance and music events.

Artists exhibited have included:

Barbara Yoshida
Jody Sears
Julius Wasserstein
Natalie Giugni
Juan Maria Bolle (click here to visit his web site)
Ruth Tepper
Arzu Titus (click here to visit her web site)

Shannon Woods
Steven Agin
Walter Zimmerman
Jonathan Hincapie
Suzanne Hodges
Leigh Walker
Ruth Marshall
Milton Fletcher (click here to see his cybergallery)
Raymond Toglia
Huey Ho
Amy Kalina
Verna Sabelle
Richard Armijo
Anthony Roselli

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