Association of Performing Arts Presenters
2019 Conference

Friday, January 4 and Sunday, January 6, 2019
Alvin Ailey American Dance Center - Studio Theatre
405 West 55th Street (at 9th Avenue)

Reservations (not required):

Visit us at Rhinelander 118

2019 APAP Performance Schedule:

  - Friday, January 4 -
8:30 pm General Mischief Dance Theatre
8:45 pm Mark DeGarmo Dance
9:00 pm Artichoke Dance Company
9:29 pm Claire Porter/PORTABLES
9:58 pm General Mischief Dance Theatre
10:13 pm Mark DeGarmo Dance

  - Sunday, January 6 -
3:00 pm The Flute on its Feet/Lawler + Fadoul
3:15 pm The Fourth Wall
3:30 pm The Flute on its Feet/Lawler + Fadoul
3:45 pm The Fourth Wall
4:00 pm Joyce King/JKing Dance Company
4:15 pm Jody Sperling/Time Lapse Dance
4:30 pm Artichoke Dance Company
5:13 pm Spector Dance
5:42 pm Joyce King/JKing Dance Company
5:57 pm Jody Sperling/Time Lapse Dance

DANCE portfolio information:

Artichoke Dance Company
Steven De Las Heras

Arts Activists Who Entertain, Engage and Empower

Artichoke Dance Company is a national leader in eco-arts productions and programs, engaging audiences and communities around timely issues in performances and beyond. We specialize in performances for public spaces and have inspired thousands to participate in the arts and local actions.

Your Planet, designed for beaches, references movement rituals and is held in connection with beach clean ups. Liberate the Earth takes audiences on a journey through a park, arboretum, campus or the like with the performers interacting with the environment. The River Project, premiering April 2019, celebrates rivers as national treasures and asks us to consider our personal and collective responsibility to rivers and, by extension, the earth and our fellow inhabitants.  

Artichoke’s dynamic program for traditional stages thematically focuses on water and plastics, illustrating ecological phenomena through movement and spatial choreography, and features sets and costumes created from recycled materials. Overflow depicts fluid mechanics and hydrodynamics. Plastic People of the Universe explores the proliferation of plastics. Proteus envisions a world turned upside down in a sea of plastic bags.

All programs are offered with accompanying outreach programs. Movement workshops introduce our choreographic methods through fun, simple and interactive activities. Hands-on workshops re-purpose materials into installations, sets or costumes. Integrative performance projects involve local movers in sections of select works.

We work with schools, universities, arts centers and organizations to connect arts, science and sustainability, and to create connections to place and build community. Working with presenter partners, our programs are designed to maximize engagement, visibility and impact.

Video Links:
Artichoke Dance Company Promotional Reel
Lock Step
Global Water Dances Community Day
Liberate the Earth

Contact Information:
Lynn Neuman
917 627-8770

Friday, January 4, 9:00 pm
Sunday, January 6, 4:30 pm

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Claire Porter/Portables
photo: Julie Lemberger

Claire Porter’s Theater Dance - topical & comedic

Claire Porter/PORTABLES, known for comedic physicality and witty language, tackles contemporary situations. Works include:

Namely, Muscles: An Anatomical Surgical Specialist enacts all the major muscles of the body (and then some) in a series of poems including "Psoas, the Tender Bender," "Gluteus to my Ears," and "The Rotator Gang," “Cheers to our musculature’s marvelous drama!”  Guillermo Perez, Dance Magazine

Job Set: Several vignettes including a job seeker in an interview, a pianist without a piano, a theater owner situating her audience, a docent caught in the artwork, newscasters trapped by their own alarm and a lamp who … sheds light.

Grammar Glamour: A series of stories inspired by the underlying language of current issues: Witnessing Adverbs (duet) plays on the varied views of a single event, revealing the humor and tragedy of bias. Pronoun Emergency portrays six people escaping a flood. Falling for Prepositions (duet), music by Mary Ellen Childs, a story of a librarian who loves a composer who is in love with the preposition. “laugh out loud funny.” Mark Horning, THEATER, Arts & Exhibits Newsletter

The Lectern: rule by rule by rule (co-created with Sara Juli) is a riot of rules. Also co-created with Sara Juli: Small Stories. “delightfully funny” Roy C. Dicks, The News & Observer, Durham NC.

Portable Mix: Selections of solos and duets from Claire’s repertory: Happen Chance, Fund Raiser, Lecture, See You Around, Lost in the Modern, Piano, Green Dress Circle, Interview, Breaking News, Lady Lamp, Diorama Moment, Overruled.

PORTABLES have adapted to a variety of venues: theaters, staircases, backyards, living rooms, art galleries, classrooms, tents, boardrooms, boats, museums, soapboxes. These are performed for events such as fund-raisers, medical college lectures, art gallery openings, board meetings. Claire has set work on, Utah Repertory Dance Theater, 10 Hairy Legs, University Professors and many College Dance Companies.

Video Links:
Breaking News
Fund Raiser
Namely, Muscles (face excerpt)
Pronoun Emergency
Small Stories

Contact Information:
Clare Porter

Friday, January 4, 9:29pm

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General Mischief Dance Theatre
photo: Peter Yesley

   Playful, original, accessible dance works

General Mischief Dance Theatre is dedicated to reinforcing the power that joy and laughter have in communicating ideas. Now in its 10th anniversary season, the company creates dance adventures that are playful, accessible, and often interactive. Based in New York City, the company has been commissioned for a wide range of events both nationally and locally ranging from a dance and sculpture collaboration with Kevin Reese of SchoolSculptures to a brand new work with composer Donna Viscuso of the VNote Ensemble (being showcased this year), to performing with Weird Al Yankovic at Radio City Music Hall. Mischief's work over the last three seasons has focused on developing multidisciplinary collaborations with a wide range of artists, resulting in three distinct touring productions up to 90 minutes in length: Up/Down/Up (featuring live music by the YY Sisters), Conjunctions (designed primarily for adult audiences) and Up and Away (designed as family programming). All productions can include a component of aerial work if the venue permits.

Come, discover why the company is renowned for work that is "delightful and a charming experience" (Broadway World) and "guaranteed to brighten your mood!" (Center on the Aisle). Their original works combine high-level storytelling with high-quality movement, and engage audiences emotionally, socially, and physically by providing opportunities for the audience to connect directly with the action both during and after the performance. The company offers outreach and a variety of workshop programming to maximize the impact for communities where they perform. Mischief is serious about fun!

Video Links:
General Mischief highlight reel
Excerpts from "Recreation"
Mischief at Radio City
Mischief and Dancing Kochari
Suite Shel

Contact Information:
Emily Vartanian/Mia DiChiaro
(212) 714-4694

Friday, January 4, 2019
8:30 pm and 9:58 pm

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Jody Sperling/Time Lapse Dance
photo: Phyllis McCabe

Stunning productions merging dance and climate

Choreographer Jody Sperling is the Founder/Artistic Director of Time Lapse Dance. She has created 40+ works including many expanding on the legacy of modern dance pioneer Loie Fuller. Considered the preeminent Fuller stylist, Sperling has reimagined the genre for the 21st century, deploying it in the context of contemporary performance forms for her company of six women. Years of working in Fuller’s idiom, which involves kinesphere-expanding costumes, has influenced Sperling’s awareness of the body’s relationship with the environment. In 2014, she participated in a polar science mission to the Arctic as artist-in-residence aboard an icebreaker. During the expedition, she danced on sea ice and made an award-winning film. Following that experience, Sperling created programs which transport the icescape to the stage. The Melting Ice/Changing Winds program is a collaboration with environmental composer, Matthew Burtner, that explores, visually, kinetically and sonically, the turbulent forces reshaping our world.

“You think equally of nature and art: Georgia O’Keeffe’s flower paintings, the luminous trajectories of jellyfish, George Balanchine’s ‘Vienna Waltzes,’ a chrysalis morphing rapidly into a butterfly.” – Claudia La Rocco, The New York Times

Video Links:
Trailer for Wind Rose
Sizzle Reel
Wind Rose (excerpt)
Bringing the Arctic Home
Ice Floe

Contact information:
Jody Sperling, Artistic Director

Sunday, January 6, 4:15 pm and 5:57 pm

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Joyce King/JKing Dance Company (JKDC)
photo: Darial Sneed

"...undeniably emotional, unabashedly raw, & most importantly real"

JKing Dance Company (JKDC), is devoted to creating works which stimulate personal truths and diverse perspectives. We encourage contemplation within relationships and the community through dance. Based in Brooklyn, NY, JKDC, an all-female ensemble is recognized as, "undeniably emotional, unabashedly raw and most importantly real" - Jenny Thompson/Examiner
King's original works have been noted as "multi-nuanced abstract and literal choreographic storytelling which seeks truths that liberate"- Bonnie Rosenstock. JKDC has showcased at over 25 NY venues including Making Moves Dance Festival-Mainstage, Jazz at Lincoln Center-Booking Dance, Salvatore Theater, MMAC, The TANK, Grounds for Sculpture, NYC Children’s Museum, Gelsey Kirkland Theater, Ailey Citigroup Theater (self-produced); Tours: IL, MA, NJ, VT, Yerevan-Armenia. 
Artistic Director, Joyce King is a recipient of The 2018 CUNY Dance Initiative - Brooklyn College, Field Artist residency, Build grant and NYC10 DIXON Place-Top Choreography-Audience Pick.  As an NYC Educator, Joyce has been on the faculty for Steps on Broadway, Joffrey Ballet’s trainee programs and BDC. She has taught master classes and workshops throughout the U.S., and  Internationally in Costa Rica, Japan, Paris, Belgium, Armenia. King interviewed live on ‘Good Morning Armenia’, and ‘Yerevan Today’ discussing JKDC’s history and creative process. In addition to her choreographic work for JKDC, King received commissions to present work at JCAL, Florence Gould Hall, Symphony Space, DNA, Merce Cunningham Theater, Pinkerton Theater,ß Dansstage Festival, Auditorio Nacional, Teatro Eugene O’Neil Theaters-Costa Rica. Commercial work: NYC Fashion week-Louis Vuitton’s "Life Is A Journey" and Style Pointe Fashion & Dance. King has served on the panel as adjudicator for JCE, INC., NH Youth Dance Festival, and is on the Laguardia HS of Performing Arts’ subcommittee for Mental Health and Wellness. Awarded Fiscal Sponsorship with The Field in 2010.

Video Link:
JK Dance Company

Contact Information:
Joyce King
347 451-5393

Sunday, January 6
4:00 pm and 5:42 pm

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Mark DeGarmo Dance

photo: Leon Anthony James

New York press called Fridas brilliant & mesmerizing

Mark DeGarmo Dance is a NYC-based dance-theater company of accomplished performers. Passionate and innovative, their work doesn’t recognize borders while crossing boundaries among performance forms. The work startles with its emotional immediacy and theatrical images revealing the inner lives of its subjects. 

New York critics heralded “Las Fridas,” a full-evening movement installation and offering inspired by Mexican painter and revolutionary Frida Kahlo’s life, work and pathos as “brilliant” and “mesmerizing.” New York critics and audiences called Fridas “fearless.” Audience members noted that DeGarmo’s finely crafted, meticulously detailed works “do nothing, while doing everything.” Audience members said that were going home immediately to do everything they always wanted to do after witnessing this show.

Fridas is a 60-minute, 16-section duet. The sum of the work’s two parts suggests a new art form. In development for six years and dealing with a subject who died 60 years ago, Fridas is relevant and timely. Fridas does not recognize boundaries, barriers and walls between dance, theater, visual arts, music, performance art, video, nations and nationalities. Rather, it meshes them. The work invites audience members to imagine themselves as a multiplicity of Fridas. The performance presents a retablo (a miniature household icon ubiquitous in Latin America). It is an intimate, emotionally charged portrait of a great artist’s internal and external struggles, pain, creative explosions/implosions, and life story.

Three casts perform Kahlo’s gender fluidly–female/female, female/male, and male/male. European- and Mexican-American performers encourage multiple Rashomon-like re-interpretations of the actions, images, characters, history, explanations and stories. Fridas can be performed in multiple formal and informal venues including: black box, museum, cultural center, library, gallery and studio. We provide lectures, audience reflection and residencies.

Las Fridas” 5 Minute Promo
"Las Fridas" 2 minute promo
Las Fridas" Mark DeGarmo/Luis Gabriel Zaragoza performing

Contact information:
Jan Hanvik
347 393-4257

Friday, January 4, 2019
8:45 pm and 10:13 pm

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Spector Dance
photo: William Roden

Socially-relevant multidisciplinary performances

Ocean Trilogy is a multidisciplinary piece investigating how art and science can work together to reach audiences in new ways, challenging us all to engage with important issues facing our planet. By merging factual and aesthetic elements, Ocean Trilogy offers a portrait of the threats facing ocean health, as well as hopeful possibilities for meeting these threats from cutting-edge ocean science research. Filmed interviews with renown ocean scientists is the starting point for the creative development of this work. The piece weaves together sound bites from these interviews, rap and classical music and dance.

We know that the ocean plays a key role in global climate regulation and science informs us that human activity is resulting in significant changes to the stability of this system. As ocean health is compromised, Ocean Trilogy is founded on the belief that artists have an opportunity and a responsibility to weigh in, to take part in the broad conversation to raise awareness. With this project, we are exploring ways that dance can be at the center of a collaborative practice that brings issues to the forefront. Ocean Trilogy demonstrates the power of converging disciplines as a metaphor for an ideal world where we embrace partnership and welcome creative solutions to our most pressing challenges. Ocean Trilogy communicates the urgency of safeguarding ocean health on a level that reaches people's hearts. Ocean Trilogy features New York City-based Rap Artist Baba Brinkman and music by Philip Glass. Ocean Trilogy offers a variety of presenting options that can be tailored to your venue including science presentations, movement and or rap workshops, and other engagement possibilities. In 2019, Ocean Trilogy will be presented at Stanford University, Sunset Center, and at the Smithsonian Museum. We are eager to partner with you in bringing Ocean Trilogy to your community. (Major funding from the National Endowment for the Arts and the California Arts Council)

Ocean Trilogy trailer
Ocean Trilogy excerpt
Bioluminescence excerpt
Ocean Outreach
East West

Fran Spector Atkins
831 601-8510

Sunday, January 6, 2019
5:13 pm

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The Flute on its Feet/Lawler + Fadoul

photo: Julie Lemberger

Flute Percussion Dance Theater Artfully Interwoven

The Flute on its Feet/Lawler + Fadoul play their instruments while dancing and acting, weaving poetry and theatre directly into the music, to create a new genre that defies definition, yet never fails to engage and delight audiences. Dance and story create new entry points for the uninitiated; for experienced audiences, they illuminate the music in profound and moving ways. At once ground breaking and inviting, sophisticated and invigorating, they offer a new performance standard for the 21st century.

Perfect for adventurous music series, intimate dance venues, forward-thinking universities and innovative multi-arts centers. The Flute on its Feet/Lawler + Fadoul bridge the gaps between new and classic, high art and pop culture, formal and informal.

The Flute on its Feet will showcase “Like Dancing About Architecture”, a one-woman show exploring the relationships between time, space, music, and the structures we build to make sense of the world. Featured is TimeFrame: Luciano Berio’s Sequenza, choreographed by Neil Parsons, in which Lawler plays this complex and compelling work all while dancing in and with a frame on wheels, liberating her to daring feats of balance and speed.

Lawler + Fadoul’s “Clickable: The Art of Persuasion” blurs the line between high and pop culture, sing-along elements merging seamlessly with abstract art and instrumental virtuosity, including lullabies, protest songs, musical settings of dust jacket texts and custom-made commercial jingles. Staged by director Rachel Peake, Clickable deals with timely issues of persuasion and propaganda, self-promotion and social media, and the power of music to create community.

The Flute on its Feet/Lawler + Fadoul studied at Juilliard and Yale, and have performed at the Kennedy Center, the Guggenheim Museum, Merkin Concert Hall, Edmonton Recital Society.  L+F has been awarded a 2017 Chamber Music America Residency Partnership Program grant to perform 19 school concerts in Western Massachusetts.

Video Links:
The Flute on its Feet: TimeFrame
The Flute on its Feet: Fantasies, final movement
Lawler + Fadoul: Power Money Fame Sex
Lawler + Fadoul: Gershwin Prelude 1
Lawler + Fadoul: Break It Down Intro
(outreach performance)

Contact Information:
Zara Lawler
812 604-5363

Sunday, January 6, 2019
3:00 pm and 3:30 pm

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The Fourth Wall
photo: Andy Batt

Music that leaps off the stage.

It’s not until someone presents you with classical musicians on synchronized hoverboards that you realized that you needed to see it.” - Edmonton Journal

The Fourth Wall pioneers a new hybrid of the performing arts in which musicians are also dancers and actors. Stretching the boundaries of instrumental performance, the multi-talented trio commissions new interdisciplinary works and reinterprets established repertoire to make music that leaps off the stage.

Few musical ensembles earn top marks for their "deft choreography" (The Wall Street Journal), but this is no ordinary ensemble. Part vaudeville troupe, part dance theatre company, part chamber music group, The Fourth Wall brings an unprecedented physicality to its stellar musicianship.

“Serious music by seriously talented musicians in a show that doesn't take itself seriously at all. Five Stars” - CBC

Fruit Flies Like a Banana is The Fourth Wall's signature variety show, in which the trio performs dozens of short works in an order chosen by the audience. The ensemble employs endlessly inventive choreography to stage uniquely beautiful interpretations of music of our time and to playfully reimagine timeless classics.

Fallen from the Toy Box presents tales of youth and consequences. Inspired by discarded childhood mementos, this musical reverie revisits fairy tales, games, and the secret life of toys.

Winner of the 2014 Savvy Musician in Action Chamber Competition, the Massachusetts-based ensemble has toured extensively across North America and is a perennial favorite on the Fringe Theatre Festival circuit. “Fruit Flies Like a Banana” made its Off-Broadway debut at the SoHo Playhouse in October 2017.

“Both joyful and touching — so beautiful you might get a little verklempt. Go feel what it’s like to be a kid again. ?????” – Winnipeg Free Press 

Video Links:
Fruit Flies Like a Banana Preview
Gymnopédie No. 1
Sinfonia Antarctica
The Toy Soldier's Tale
Toccata and Fugue in D Minor

Contact Info:
C. Neil Parsons
518 322-6816

Sunday, January 6, 2019
3:15 pm
and 3:45 pm

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